Hoardings Services

HoardingsDirect build robust timber hoardings and overmount them with top quality aluminium composite graphic panels. Some examples of our most recent work can be seen below.

Branded Hoardings

Full colour graphics printed directly to ACM panels using a dedicated UV cured digital printing machine. Consistent colour reproduction and the perfect way to dress the perimeter of any building site. Branded hoardings really do provide an excellent opportunity to showcase the construction project in full colour.

Temporary Hoarding Panels

Temporary Hoarding Panels provide an economic alternative to complete ACM panel graphic hoarding. Useful for sites having a limited requirement for marketing the property under construction or for sites retaining painted timber hoardings for a very short period of time, Temporary Hoarding Panels can be a creative and economic method of dressing your site.


A Billboard  can be installed as part of a hoardings contract and draws particular attention to features of the property, often in the form of a computer generated image for the finished building. Billboards stand out from the other hoardings graphics and provide a real feature to the entire display.

Header & Kicker Panels

Header and kicker panels are used by many clients to ‘finish’ off’ the job and provides a more even and level appearance where ground conditions or existing timber panels create an unsightly appearance. Header and kicker panels really do ‘frame’ the hoarding graphics and for many clients are well worth the small additional investment.